MOTOROL HYFLOW DD are mineral based hydraulic fluids containing a selective additive system for protection of hydraulic system which is zinc free plus the addition of detergent / dispersant additives. Contaminants, deposits and water which may have entered the hydraulic system can damage the pump parts, however with HYFLOW DD, these are dispersed and held in suspension and adhering particles/deposits dissolved. The detergent properties allows to disperse the entered water in oil, which avoids the formation of undesired water pockets. Because of the additional detergent / dispersant properties, the air release properties may be compromised a bit.


These are recommended for hydraulic system and a wide Variety of circulation systems of industrial and automotive equipment. They are used in applications that have high levels of contamination e.g. mobile hydraulic units (wheel loaders, truck hydraulic systems, excavators, bulldozers etc. They are suited for use in hydraulic system where there are high possibilities of water contamination particularly where a water mixed cutting fluid may enter the hydraulic system.

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