MOTOROL Solcut 5005 is a high performance versatile semi-synthetic metal working oil designed specially for demanding precision application on both ferrous and non-ferrous materials. It is formulated with the latest chemical innovations for lubricity, wetting, low foaming, and corrosion prevention and thereby it sets the standard for superior performance. It is a low mineral oil, water miscible coolant, which produces a long life, stable, translucent emulsion when mixed with water. Its unique emulsifier and detergency package prevents bacterial problems and hard water soap-formation-typical of traditional soluble oils. It is free of nitrate, PTBBA, and contains no other hazardous substances.


MOTOROL Solcut 5005 is recommended for general purpose machining and grinding of ferrous and non ferrous materials including carbon-cast steel, gray iron, and high alloy steel.

It is to be mixed with water for use. Always add the product concentrate to water and not the other way around. Product concentration can easily be monitored by refractometer or alkaline titration using a test kit or in laboratory. Always use low hardness (<100 ppm) and low chloride (<30 ppm) water.

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